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Links at Springdale



Resident · 2005 - 2006
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Office Staff
the links at springdale ouyr any lindsey property is the worst deal for any student. they lock you into a clause and will auto renew it even if you don't want to stay. they put a special clause in there so if you have to transfer schools they will not waive your lease they will bill you for the remaining months plus retain what they want of your deposite and sometimes even find creative things to bill you for after you move. then even if you give them a forwearding address they will still tape the bill to the door of the apartment you nolonger live at and expect you to recieve it some how. the buildings are very cheaply constructed. there are areas in corners were you can see that the dry wall was cut with a razor blade unevenly and then filled with chulk rather than properly doing the job. the sealent on the goos neck drain on the b-room sink was rotted out ( the apartment are only a few years old) my door knob broke and the manager came to fix it and told me " ooh this happens all the time" i then had to go a week with a gapping hole in my door wial i waited for the part to get in. if this problem happened alll of the time why don't they keep the part on hand? they told me i could not bring my service trained labrador retriever but 2 months later they allowed a couple across the street to move in with there labrador. they told me before moving in that the walls were seventeen inches thick. YEA RIGHT! i can hear every thing that goes on thoughout my hole complex! there apartments are simlpy a rip off. forgo the golf get twice the space for the same price or cheaper and a seperate health club membership is still cheaper.
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Links at Springdale

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