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Springdale Ridge



Resident · 2011 - 2016
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I have lived here for quite a while and I will say this and I just cant afford to go anywhere else. Kids get bit by bugs. We are always sick. Floods happen. Managements might suck up some of the water but they wont clean your rugs or replace them. Mold and mildew are always present. This place has had 3 owners and 3 managers in 3 years. The rest of the office staff is not up to snuff either. They would rather evict you than to deal with problems. My neighbor is getting evicted for following the rules literally and management did not want to deal with the problems. The good neighbors either move on their own or end up like the our neighbor who just wanted to see rules being followed like they were following. Dishwashers and washers and dryers and other stuff constantly break down. They dont fix it. They bandaid the problems. You will spend a lot of money of your own fighting the bugs and keeping your apartment as healthy as you can get it. Our neighbors baby is all bitten up and watched it happen while visiting. You cant see whats biting him but the bites just appear and that particular house is very clean. The current manager is a number cruncher but has no management skills. He hides and doesnt deal with the people. One neighbor lady asked for information to the owners and he sent them a po box for a complaint department only. The house with the bug bites on the baby gave up trying to get the problem fixed and even went to the board of health who said they cant do anything about it. So where do you go when then you have bad landlords who wont fix a problem and you live in a place where the health agencies wont help either. Want to live here? Go find a trailer or a double wide. You'll be in better health and not have the grief of living here. There is another neighbor of ours that they management is holding out on them and wont fix their problems. That is what happens as a punishment when you have good neighbors caring about where they live. When you speak up they punish you by not fixing anything because they dont like being told they are not good landlords. So there are things like this to tell the truth on. I dont know how many people read this stuff but I hope they take heart to what is being said. I know one family is paying 750.00 right now for rent and her rent is going up to 799.00 for a 3 bedroom apartment. It has a lot of problems and that family has nowhere else to go. The apartments are not luxery no matter how much you plant flowers and pave parking lots. the 2 bedroom apartments are going up to 705.00 a month. Go somewhere else to live. If you want to get sick and have constant problems, come here.
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Springdale Ridge

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