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davisclan • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I had the unfortunate luck of having to move into this complex site-unseen. Had I had the opportunity to see it before I moved here, I would have never have set foot in this complex, let alone sign a lease. I am currently trying to break my lease because I honestly fear for my family's lives! <br>Over the last weekend, the cops were called to MY building three times. Once because of pit bull fights, once for domestic violence, and once for a hit-and-run on two parked cars. That is just my building- there are dozens of buildings in this complex. Also, don't mistakenly think that if you live close to the office you will be safer. I am right next to the office (the car-b-que mentioned in a previous comment was right next to my apartment- in fact, my car was damaged by the chemicals used to put out the fire), and much of the illegal activity that takes place occurs during business hours. <br>Management could care less about anything like rules and regulations. There is supposed to be a weight limit of 25 pounds on the dogs and a limit of one pet per apartment. My neighbors have pit bulls, doberman pincers, german shepards, etc. and a couple of the neighbors have multiple dogs. They also let their dogs run loose or on 50 foot leads. They're supposed to keep them on 10 foot leads. I have an infant and have been knocked over by the dogs several times while I was carrying her. Luckily we were never injured. The owners of these dogs also let them poop all over the place and never pick up after them. The manager doesn't do anything about it even though she claims that she fines the owner $50 per occurance.<br>Maintenance is practically non-existant. I have lived here for seven months, and have been down to the office every month to complain about things that were broken when we moved in. Much of it I just repaired myself. Security lighting is a huge issue. Most of the lights in the complex have been out since I moved in. They also refuse to repair my window that is riddled with bullet holes!<br>My apartment was infested with roaches and other bugs when I moved in. I asked to be placed in another apartment, but was told there were none available. I asked to be put up in a hotel while they fumigated, and management refused. They are supposed to have exterminators out once a month. I have never seen one. Management refuses to do anything about the problem, so I'm forced to take care of it myself. Part of the problem was a two-inch gap between the treshold and the door. I also found opened food in the cupboards when I moved in. The apartment had obviously not been cleaned out before we moved in.<br>The other tenants are not savory individuals. One of neighbors sits outside in just his briefs! A few tenants have living room furniture on their patios. I have things falling off the walls all the time because of my neighbors stereo. The kids are little brats that destroy anything they can get their hands on. The teens are out til the wee hours of the morning screaming obscenities and blasting their music. Drug deals go down in broad daylight on the playground. Noise is a constant issue. The cops won't even come out here any more for noise violations. One cop told me that if they came out for every call they received here, they would have to set up a police station in our complex. <br>I complain to the management at least once a month about these things and I'm told that they will take care of it, or they're doing all they can, or there's nothing they can do. Nothing gets done and they are just rude to me.
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Sonoma Valley Apartments

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