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Crystal Springs



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Office Staff
Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/01/2017
I recently moved out of Crystal Springs Apartments in Avondale, Arizona during my stay I have had nothing but problems with both the management and the maintenance. The first issues was during the summer our AC went out and there was no quick response. Second they were trying to charge me a late fee and NSF fee when rent was paid in full and on time because they made a mistake while processing checks. On a different occasion during a holiday, I received no notice that a board would be covering the drop box. They told us that they did multiple things in order to warn us but other residence and myself never received any notice. Not only were residents punished with late fees for those that tried to pay it safely by putting our money into their hands, but they accepted that someone shoved their rent under the door as it was still considered "in the building" before they opened. The assistant manager was extremely rude to me and the others saying "how can I pay my rent on time but you cant". She also tried charging me a pet fee for a dog that was already approved to be there as a service dog, this happened twice. There was a light in my laundry room that was full of water, they said it would be fixed and I would no longer need to be involved because it was a roofing issue and wouldn't need to come into the apartment. A month later water was coming through again, they never fixed it even though that is a fire hazard. My apartment got INFESTED with ticks, they said they would come on a certain day to bomb and never did. There bug guy came the next day to bomb, if you are unfamiliar with the process you need to be out of the premises for hours until the air clears. I was pregnant at the time and was unable to leave the apartment. We scheduled another day that happened to be the day that I went into labor. My boyfriend went up to the office and asked them not to bomb, seeing as there would be a newborn in the apartment. They told him that "they weren't sure if they could do that because rescheduling it has been an on going problem". Luckily they didn't but a day later they put a notice on our door saying we were not aloud to deny entry giving no reason for coming. That day the same man came to the door and said that he was told to bomb, with no notice that we would need to be out and with a newborn. Luckily he was kind and understanding and offered to only spray where I wanted that would be safe and dry quickly. During the last few months maintenance enter my apartment with out our knowledge or permission, we only new because our door was magically replaced. The last summer I was there my AC stopped working as well as my water heater (both emergency cases) that took a week of nonstop calling to get them fixed. Even after "fixed" our apartment would reach 89 degrees when set to 75. We were paying over $10 a day in electricity and had to buy a window AC unit to make our apartment livable. These are only a few of the major problems that have gone wrong not including the outlets that never worked, doors that didn't seal properly and more. I would like you to be aware of these problems that have happened so any future residents do not have to live in these unsafe conditions especially those that have children or newborns involved.
Crystal Springs Manager08/17/2017

Anonymous, thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We strive to meet our residents' expectations in each and every interaction, but we regret that we fell short this time. I wasn't working at the property at that time but am certainly happy to discuss your concerns if you are willing to talk with me. If so, please contact the office and we can set up a date and time that works, even if by phone. Thank you, Megan Jacobson ' Property Manager Crystal Springs 623-322-4200 [email protected]

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Crystal Springs

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