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youli • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/19/2007
I am a generally an easy going guy, but I don't particularly like being lied to in order to get rid of me. The following has occurred in January 2006 with the new management (yet again).<br><br>Today, I was taking a shower and the water was cut off. I dried up and talked to the maintenance guy and was told it was an emergency and the water had to be shut off. Fine, he was doing his job. I asked if he could have knocked on people's doors (just my building) to let people know, "Don't jump into the shower, there won't be water for the next hour". He said it was an emergency and had to shut off the water. Okay now. Shutting off the water is fine. Tell people immediately after shutting off the water. Not enough time to do that? Call up the office and have some of the staff do that job. Isn't that simple customer service? There's just 4 apartments to notify.<br><br>But the maintenance guy was doing his job. Not his fault. I just wanted to be notified as promptly as possible in the future. Taking my toiletries in order to take a shower in the clubhouse, I stopped by the office to ask what the policy was for emergencies in hopes that I can request a slight change of the policy to add for prompt notification (something even previous managements did). What did I get instead? Excuses. Excuses are fine if they knew what happened, except that they didn't. They had no idea water was shut off. Instead, they whipped out excuses after excuses as I rebutted...<br><br>They say, "The maintenance guy didn't have time to knock on doors, it was an emergency." I say, "Yeah, but when I talked to him, he was leisurely walking getting tools... doesn't seem to be much of an emergency." They say, "Oh, so you'd rather him just ignore you?" I say, "Actually yes, that would mean it was an extreme emergency...".<br><br>All the while, they were making excuses without answering the first question I had, "Is there a policy for notification of residents in the event of an emergency?" A simple yes or no and I could request a change and be done. Nope, instead they clamped up and said "Okay, thanks for letting us know, you can go now". Wait, what did you say?<br><br>After taking my shower at the clubhouse, I came back because my core question wasn't answered yet nor my core request. Please recall that I didn't have a problem with the emergency itself. I was then told that I was trespassing and to "Get Out". Wait, I'm paying rent; this is the clubhouse; you have an "Open" sign outside.<br><br>What if the roof collapsed? I think I would be rather furious and even *shock* raising my voice a bit. But I wasn't raising my voice here, I was intent on getting my question answered. A simple yes or no answer! <br><br>Trespassing indeed. They then threatened to call the police on me and at that moment I was dumbfounded. I didn't speak, I didn't move, and one male staff member was using his height against me. (Standing close up and towering over me.. Who's threatening who here?) The male staff member ended up calling the police. As he was calling, I walked over to a female staff member and she was giving less excuses as I pressed on trying to get my simple yes/no question answered. Which she eventually said that the policy was not to notify in the event of an emergency.<br><br>I then requested if they could change it. She said no, they won't. They can't guarantee it. Okay now... what am I paying rent here for then? They can't seem to guarantee anything here. After getting my answer and a curt "No, nothing is going to change", I left before the police came to remove me from my own apartment complex having not yelled at anyone nor threatened the life of.<br><br>Here's a list of problems that have occurred during my 2 year stay. Management had changed 2 times during my stay.<br><br>1) Leaking ceiling in bathroom on top of toilet. Took 6 months and 4 visits to the office to get this one fixed. Eventually I talked to the upstairs neighbor and locked down the problem and told the staff what was wrong. It finally got fixed. It was a leaking tub. They haven't patched up the ceiling yet. I doubt they ever will.<br><br>2) Ants/Bees/Spiders. I had two bees nests on my porch area, ants living in my air conditioner condensation duct and inside my toilet, and spiders galore since there was so many insects for them to eat. I easily found holes in the walls where the buggers could get in. Had them get pest control to come around to get rid of it.<br><br>That's about it. Mind you, I'm not complaining about anything maintenance related or the two problems stated. Those are events uncontrollable and management has been overworking the maintenance crew.<br><br>Yes, I point my finger at the absolutely horrible customer service who'd rather chase you out of the office instead of attempting to improve the apartment relative to previous management.<br><br>And one last thing, the common excuse they give is "That was the previous management". Do NOT let them get away with that. Saying that makes them feel that they can shrug off responsibility. New management inherits problems. The old problems should become theirs. And don't chase me out. Even the old management never did that.<br><br>Not to mention they increased rent by 25%. I'm stuck here for another year. Living here is fine with me, I'll just keep my interactions with the staff to a minimum and make sure I'm not trespassing their office.
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