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Hohokam Villas



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Office Staff
Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/02/2015
I have lived at Hohokam for a short time and I want to mention some things perspective tenants should consider before renting here. The maintenance staff is the best. The grounds are beautiful and very clean. If tenants don't clean up their dog waste the maintenance staff cleans it up. My apartment is old; shag carpet, cords from the ceiling fans are stapled across the ceiling and down the wall and one room has a cord running under the carpet. I thought I could decorate to distract from that 1980's look. But other problems are too great to enjoy living here. Built around 1989 there are few electrical outlets so with today's technology that may create a problem for some. There is no overhead light at the entry, over the kitchen sink or over the washer/dryer. In the kitchen there is a light on the ceiling but it's a dull light and is behind you if you are at the sink. I purchased a goose neck lamp to sit next to the sink. There is very little counter space in the kitchen and they have been painted dark brown speckle so it's hard to see if they are clean. I don't know how families manage fixing big meals. I purchased a kitchen cart on wheels so I would have more prep space. The bathrooms are really small and I constantly hit my elbow on a wall and I'm a very small person. The noise from my neighbors upstairs is unbearable. Despite being heavy footed, they do wash thru midnight and take showers at 3:00 A.M. The water rushing down the inside of my walls sounds like a rushing river. The walls are so thin I can hear them sneeze and I can hear what they are doing in the toilet which makes me feel uncomfortable. A few times there has been such a loud bang on my ceiling that my ceiling lights went out for a split second. Management said they spoke with the tenants about the noise issues but some people just don't care. I won't mention it to management again. How many times can you ask people to be considerate? I've talked to several tenants who can also hear everything above them. Outside, I wish there was more light at night. The steps aren't well lighted and some of the outside lights are always out. I hope this review helps people make an informed decision. You don't know these facts until you live here and by then you've signed a lease and are stuck for awhile. I will plan on paying double rent for a few months to leave early. I can't wait to have a good night's sleep! By the way, you can hear the freeway noise. One last thing, there have been numerous times when I've gone to the office to pay rent or pick up a package and there is no one there during office hours. I understand taking an hour off for lunch but the rest of the time between 9 and 5 there should be an employee in the office. Bugs, bugs and more bugs. Sewer roaches, tiny bugs coming up through the drains, even when they are closed. Tiny, almost invisible bugs coming in through the plumbing fixtures under the sinks, and all those beautiful shrubs are LOADED with bugs, which bite, because the gardeners don't spray them for pests. And, you better hope your A/C doesn't go out on a week-end. You're given a portable A/C which doesn't fit tightly in the open window so you swelter in the 105 to 112 temperatures until it's fixed during the work week, hopefully. I cannot comprehend how this complex is "Top Rated". Who gives out those stickers displayed on the office front door?
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Hohokam Villas

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