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Hohokam Villas



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StillLQQking • Resident 2009 - 2013 Recommended
Reviewed 04/21/2013
I have lived at Hohokam Villas for 4 years now and I still think its a great place to live. I've never had any major issues and any minor ones( jammed garbage disposal,bees,closet door off track...ect) were taken care of right away a lot of times on the same day. Lots of mornings you'll hear landscaping noise that can be unnerving when you work at night but its the price you pay to have a well kept complex. They are always cleaning the pool and the hot tub and making sure the chlorine levels are right (that makes me feel good). I wish the gym was bigger so they could have a few more machines. But I can deal with that. I also wish you could pay your rent online.. but I can deal with that too. We had an ant problem couple of years back but they gave me some stuff and they were gone in 24 hours I swear and I have not seen an ant since! The ladies in the club house AWESOME... no kidding.They really try and accomodate all your needs and are nice about it! (can you even believe that?!)The maintenance crew (especially John the painter)... awesome. I dont think that man has ever walked by me and not said good morning or checked on my health or just given a kind word or smile..the reason we chose this place is because it WASN'T a Mark Taylor (have to be a model or just look like one to live there)apt. they are great don't get me wrong, but I didnt want the feeling of staying at a 5 star hotel for the next few years I wanted something that felt like a home..or as close as you can get without being in one. NOW for the things i have trouble dealing with... (hey im a realist..lol) You need a car to live here unless you plan on walking 2 to 4 miles to get to the supermarket and back. The complex isnt on an active bus route.. what I mean by that is there is a bus stop around the corner but its a bus that goes into Phoenix only once in the morning and once in the evening (the type slips my mind right now (brain fart)) and doesnt make any stops in between. and the other thing is .. I think they need to beef up security a bit or make the place gated because my car has been broken into a couple of times.
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Hohokam Villas

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