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Olive Grove Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/26/2007
The apt was nice, if you like living with a ton of scorpions! I had a newborn and I had over 25 scorpions in 5 months. I lived there my entire lease, 1 year, only because they would not let me break my lease, although I found out the were in breach because the scorpions are considered unlivable. I tried to move apts, but upon 1st day of changing there were several scorpions in the new apt, so I stayed put. The office was never nice, they never showed up for my walk through in the origional apt, so I made one up because after a week of living there, big black stains appeared on the carpet. I have learned a lesson, always make copies! They "lost" the walk through I did, and they are now trying to charge me $600 to replace the enitire apt carpet! They are liars, they used the walk through sheet for the apt I was going to change to and crossed out that apt number. put my old one. THey have falsafied leagal documents! And are now trying to take me to collections, which I am fighting because they are all liars! One room had preexisting stains, and they are trying to get me to pay for the ENTIRE apt to be recarpeted, because they no longer carry that carpet!
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Olive Grove Apartments

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