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Olive Grove Apartments



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bobcat10101 • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2007
Back when I moved in 1.5 years ago, they were only charging $700 for 2 bedroom 1100 square feet, 2 bathroom. Very reasonable. 1 year later, raising to $820 - c yah later. I lived in a 2nd floor apartment and only saw one scorpion after about 10 months. The little bugger got me in the foot. It stung for a day or two, no biggie. Never once got the place fumugated (sp?). Not a big deal.<br>Office staff is pretty run of the mill. They were very helpful with a noisy neighbnor. <br><br>I had a gaggle of crazy, loud, partying 20-somethings move in next door. Immediately, they began blaring their stereo with a loud sub-woofer. After a handful of complaints to the office, they really got through to these idiots and got them to cool it. The loud bumping of the sub would end around 10-11pm so they were not technically "late-night partiers". The neighbors actually wrote me a letter to apologize for the excessive noise and the problem was fixed (i'm sure the office staff requested the note). I was pretty impressed that the office got the problem fixed. <br><br>Many of the renters are very young, so expect some craziness.<br><br>The maintenance staff always followed through and fixed whatever was broken. <br><br>Parking was an issue for me. My assigned covered spot was in between two really nasty beater cars. Usually one of them was being worked on, so there was trash tools cluttering up my spot. I never parked there since I didn't need to deal with the headache. I did see a lot of cars being worked on type activity, which was kind of a drag. <br><br>The pool/gym are above average. The grounds are kept pretty clean. <br><br>I liked the place a lot more when it was $700/month. That price was about $100-$150 below similar apartments in the area. At $820, I was ready to leave. Stains did appear after a month or two from nowhere. <br><br>Overall, it was a fairly quiet, less-expensive apartment experience. I would recommend if you worked nearby. The parking gate was down for maybe 14 days in the year i lived there. No biggie. The code for opening the gate has been the same for 10 years so it really doesn't provide any legit security.
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Olive Grove Apartments

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