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Pillar at Taviano



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
The apartments are beautiful with unique interiors compared to all of the other cookie cutter apartments in the area. The staff is very nice (I think the property had different owners in 2003 with all of the bad reviews), but they are understaffed. When I go into the office, they are almost always busy talking to potential residents. Instead of waiting for an hour, I call and leave a message for them to get back to me. Maintenance requests can also be placed online, and the response is fast. Parking is a problem. The backside has a lot more spaces than in the front. You are allowed to park behind your garage, and since some are angled toward each other, when my neighbor parks behind his space, I can't get out. Management has been helpful in trying to resolve this, but when the resident won't comply, what can you do? It's bad design. Also the walls are very thin. One of the selling points they mentioned was how much higher the insulation level was than average, also cutting down on cooling costs. I'm paying over $100 per month for a very small 1 bedroom, and I keep the temp at 83 degrees. Seems high to me. It also doesn't provide any sound-proofing. When my upstairs neighbor plays their stereo, my bedroom ceiling literally shakes. I also had someone try to break into my apartment the first week that I was here, while I was in the apartment. I called the police and they responded right away and caught the guy. I asked the police about the crime rate here, and he told me that they rarely receive any calls for this complex. Maybe I was just unlucky. The very worst thing about this complex, is that Qwest has monopoly over phone, TV and internet service. They suck! I have had so many problems with them, and spent hours trying to resolve all of their mistakes. I recently moved here from out of state, but I've heard that Qwest has a bad reputation. If that's true, why are did they contract with Qwest to provide all services? Overall I think the plusses outweigh the minusses.
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Pillar at Taviano

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