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125 South Dobson, Chandler, AZ 85224
125 South Dobson, Chandler, AZ 85224

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Resident 2005 Not Recommended

Reviewed 09/27/2005

I have lived here for the last 11 months and felt the need to write a review before I left. The previous reviews are more then two years old at this point and I can only assume that this place was run differently back then and has fallen on some hard times.<br><br>I've had trouble here since the day I moved in. The counter in the kitchen is all chipped up because the previous renters didn't believe in using a cutting board when they cooked, Pieces of panel were peeling or already missing from some of the "wood" panaling on various things. One of the lights in the kitchen has NEVER worked correctly and my toilet broke after 2 weeks and has Never been properly fixed, it often takes repeat flushes to get everything to go down and usually just swirls around what ever is in the toilet leaving stains that need to be cleaned every day. As if that's bad enough to deal with on your own, imaagine the joy of having friends come over and having to explain to them that the toilet may have to be flushed up to 5 or 6 times to make sure everything goes away, (great way to impress a date) <br><br>The pool is slightly larger then a hot tub and you can get a better work out going up down the stairs then you ever cood at the "fitness room" <br><br>Theres a supposed to be a policy against people working on their cars in the parking lot, but I may be the only one who knows about it because on the weekends you'll see a group of people bent around a car, parts all over the place and beers in hand.<br><br>As mentioned in previous reviews, the walls here are paper thin and you can tell when the people in the apartment next to you are taking a shower because the walls start to make weird noises as the water pipes shake. The front door doesn't fit properly so there are gaps on the top and bottom that let out all of my air conditioned air and let the occasional creepy crawly in.<br><br>You'll need a car alarm if you want to live here, and don't expect any help from the staff or the local police to help you out if your car get's broken into. The staff will just right down your complaint on a piece of paper (not even a official form, just a piece of notebook paper) and promise to give it to the owners of the property to review. The cops are worse because they won't even come out to look at your car. When I called to report my car had been broken into, no one would come out to look at it and instead wanted to take a report over the phone. I tracked down one of the patrol cars in this area (an easy task actually, police seem to be all over this neighborhood, not that it stops theifs from breaking into your car. But even after tracking this officer down and talking to him face to face he showed no interest in taking a report so I did end having to call the police again and leaving a phone report. I was the only one who bothered to take pictures of the car and talk to the people who patrol the parking lot at night. <br><br>The only thing I can't complain about is how the grounds are maintained. While not beautiful, a crew does come by every Tuesday and do yard work.<br><br>If your thinking about moving into Riveria Park, I'd suggest looking at the apartment literely just a few miles down the road on Ellis. For much bigger, cleaner and better run for only a a little bit more money a month, had I know about them sooner I wouldn't be here right now.
Riviera Park Apartments Manager06/05/2014

We are sorry you had such a bad experience while living here. Riviera Park Apartments is part of crime free housing so police often do drive through the property as a preventative measure. I can assure you today Riviera Park Apartments has measures in place to make living here more comfortable and a place you would want to call home. Our number one priority is making our residents happy at all times.

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