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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/02/2006
This is the second time I live here, the first time was much better though, even though we did have a car smash into our patio area one time. <br><br>My experience here this time has been extremely disappointing. Just this past week, we we're cooking and we accidently let the pan smoke a little too much. Well now they are accusing us of setting the apartment on fire and they are threatening to evict us! By the way, no damage was done at all! <br><br>Getting things fixed is also a problem. They do come, but they don't do a very good job. Oh and then there was the time that the boiler overflowed, I don't know why but this alarm went off and all this water went on the floor. (I'm sure it's not anything we did, because they didn't threaten to evict us then) But what's really ticking me off is that here I am being threatened to be kicked out for something I didn't do on purpose, but when their equipment broke (boiler) and all my things on my bathroom floor were jeopardized and some ruined they couldn't take any blame or give any compensation. I don't want anything at least acknowledge you have crappy appliances!<br><br>The grounds are maintained, they are not ugly but not beautiful either, but I do like their grassy areas. Their office staff are VERY nice when you come in to get an apartment, but they misteriously turn on you after you move in and have a complaint. What a surprise! And they get snotty trust me!<br><br>I have to agree on some things from another reviewer, like:<br><br>1."The counter in the kitchen is all chipped up, Pieces of panel were peeling or already missing from some of the "wood" panaling on various things."<br><br>Comment:I definitely agree with this person. When I first moved in we noticed this, so I put it on the list of damages to the apt that you have to fill out when you first move in. The came and "fixed" it, but to this day it still looks the same. I guess their glue isn't that good.<br><br>2. "There's a supposed to be a policy against people working on their cars in the parking lot, but I may be the only one who knows about it because on the weekends you'll see a group of people bent around a car, parts all over the place and beers in hand."<br><br>Comment: COMPLETELY true!!<br><br>3."the walls here are paper thin and you can tell when the people in the apartment next to you are taking a shower because the walls start to make weird noises as the water pipes shake. "<br><br>Comment: This is very true. You can hear everything! I hear my neighbor snore all the time. And the floors upstairs are also a problem, I can hear every little bit.<br><br>4."The front door doesn't fit properly so there are gaps on the top and bottom that let out all of my air conditioned air and let the occasional creepy crawly in."<br><br>Comment:Very true, and it's all kinds of animals.<br><br>All I have to say is that I am NEVER coming back here. <br><br>Oh and yeah this lady got robbed in her apartment across the street from us, so it's not the best area to live in either.
Riviera Park Apartments Manager05/22/2014

We are sorry you had such a bad experience, anytime a resident has a small stove fire we do inspect the apartment for damages and remind them of safety . Water alarms are installed so that if there is a leak we can be notified immediately to prevent any damage to residents belongings. Riviera Park has always had measures in place to make living here more comfortable and a place you would want to call home. Our number one priority is making our residents happy at all times.

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