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2225 West Frye Road

Chandler, AZ 85224

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Resident · 2012 - 2017
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When we first lived here symphony was a good place to live but as of this past year things have definitely changed and maintenance is horrible. We lived in a one bedroom originally and only had issues with a leaky a.c. which we are in AZ so it happens and they did fix it promptly. 3 years later we switched to our 2 bedroom where we have had issues with the AC unit (took 5 days for a replacement) but they did fix it and currently we have 2 cases of water damage (which have not been fixed). The one in our master has been there since December 2016 (caused by rain) and has only gotten worse. We placed a ticket immediately, they came and looked at it the same day said they would come back the next day to scrape ( really what about the leak on the roof?) A week later I had my newborn and was at the hospital figured it would be fixed once I got back but instead they closed our ticket and have now closed it twice without completely fixing the issue. They sent roofers same day after I left a not so nice message which was about 3 weeks ago but never returned to fix the water damage on the inside (hello ?) We have complained several times and I am tired of begging to have this fixed. It is the law for them to fix these issues. Its not only wrong but a implied warranty of habitability that is not being followed. We even have water damage in our master bathroom (plumbing issue as water seeps through the pours of the paint when we shower) a corner is now turning brown and paint is drooping down from all the water. I am disgusted with how Symphony has handled this issue. They do not care for the residents at all. I have a 8 month old and 3 year old and am absolutely in disbelief at how unproffessional and uncommunicative the maintenance team has been to us. Everything is great until they don't want to fix your problem. This complex may look pretty with its updated pool and renovated spaces but they do not care about there residents so don't be fooled if your thinking about living here. I reached out to corporate yesterday, still have not heard back..( go figure). I am at a loss with this place.
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