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Canyon Trail Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Recommended
Reviewed 04/20/2014
Overall the apartment is decent. The walls have a nice tan scheme, it definitely makes the apartment look better. Everything is adequately sized. The main room only has two outlets and they are close together so half the room doesn't have an outlet, which sucks for lighting. Rent is a good deal, you don't have to pay for utilities except for electricity which is usually around $30. The outside of the apartment could use some work to make it a bit safer. On one side of the apartment there is two "staircases" the first staircase is made out of rock so it is uneven and the railing is broken there. Plus there is no lighting there. Trying to navigate this staircase is impossible when it snows. The second staircase is just a basic stair case. It has lighting and railing. If something breaks its a bit annoying to call the office. You have two intervals when maintenance can come over and they are four hour intervals. If you can't be there during the entire time. If maintenance shows up and no one is home, you will be charged a fee. These four hour intervals are ridiculous because most people are not free for the times they have for maintenance and they are not lenient about changing that.
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Canyon Trail Apartments

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