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Canyon Trail Apartments



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Collie266 • Resident 2013 - 2015 Recommended
Reviewed 03/12/2015
The apartments are decently appealing. The walls aren't white which is nice, hardwood flooring. The rooms are a decent size for apartments. Only one side of the apartment has outlets (except for the bedrooms). So your living room will only be half lit when the sun is down. The outside environment is pretty nice. The back of the apartments is surrounded by forest which is nice for walks. Every apartment has a balcony which gives you a lovely view of Fort Valley Rd. Which reminds me that you don't want to sleep with the windows open if you are a light sleeper because you can hear each car that passes by, especially emergency vehicles, and the dumpster trucks. The other person mentioned the scary staircase. They finally fixed that broken railing but it's still a death trap if there is snow/ice on it, especially if its darker because there's no lighting for that section. I should also note that Fort Valley gets busy a lot and you have to turn left to get to anywhere. So in the morning and during rush hour it can be difficult to get out. Especially in the winter because everyone is either going to or driving from Snowbowl. A major annoyance about these apartments are the people who manage these properties. You have two intervals for when maintenance can come, 9-1 or 1-4 on weekdays unless you are comfortable with them being in your home when you're not there. And emergency maintenance is basically non-existent. I have had my shower break Friday evening and no one answered until Monday morning. The same thing happened when the water heater broke on a Friday (once again), during a snow storm. So taking a cold shower for a few days was fun. But every maintenance person I have met has been extremely friendly and generally in a good mood. Overall the apartments are nice to live in. The complex itself doesn't get loud, except for your upstair neighbors, which is normal for any apartment. You pay the same price (or cheaper) for rent as other places but you get free basic cable and internet along with other free utilities (besides electricity which is cheap). I just listed all my annoyances at the top so people can decide if they are fine with it.
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Canyon Trail Apartments

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