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Mill Pond Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
I moved into the apartment with little or no problems. I signed a 9 month lease, which I had no problem with. <br><br>A couple of months later, I started noticing black specs on my counters and in my cupboards. Come to find out that there were mice in the apartment. After getting several traps and poisons, I was able to subdue them.<br> <br>When summer came, I was expecting a nice cool mountain summer, but instead it was one of the hottest ones that we have had in years. Due to the way the apartments (I use the word apartments loosely seeing that they are actually modular homes) are arranged, the breezes that one would normally expect are blocked by the other buildings. So, needless to say, I simply burnt up in the summer with no air conditioning!!! <br><br>The straw that really turned me against this "caring apartment complex" is the fact that I lost my job through no fault of my own and they would not even work with me to come to a civil agreement. I had two months left on my lease and I told them that I would make the payment for the 8th month and would not be able to make the final month's payment. I signed the paper work letting them know that I would be out of the apartment two weeks before the 8th month and that they had my permission to rent the apartment upon my leave. I was told by management that they were going to hold me to the original lease and that they wanted the final months rent. I tried to work out a deal with them in exchange for last months rent; they could keep the damage deposit that I had paid when I moved in and I would pay the difference in the rent. They would not accept this either and retorted "We cannot use the damage deposit as part of the final months rent; we have to have the payment in full. If we make an exception for you, we will have to make an exception for everyone." <br><br>So, after all was said and done, I now have a terrible blemish on my credit report along with collection agencies calling and harassing my friends and relatives. In my opinion, Millpond Village Modular Homes is a terrible place to live and really lack the compassion and understanding that humans should have for each other.
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Mill Pond Village Apartments

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