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Mill Pond Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 11/12/2005
I loved the actual apartment. It was nice to only share one wall with our neighbors so that we didn't have to worry about them keeping us up at night. The complex was built in 2002 and everything was still in decent shape. The vaulted ceilings helped to keep the place cool in the summer. We loved the spacious kitchen.<br><br>Problems:<br><br>We had to clean the apartment when we moved in. Specifically the bathroom and kitchen.<br><br>Management changes quite a bit. When we moved in they were incompetent and broke their own rules. When we moved out the new staff was ---- about everything.<br><br>Our neighbors were great, but we did hear about an apartment that was broken into while we were there. Of course, she left her door unlocked and her keys inside while checking the mail. <br><br>The indoor pool sounds nice, but it's freezing. My little boy could only stay in for 5 minutes before his lips were purple from the cold.<br><br>Maintenance was slow. They would come to 'look' at the problem and then it could take weeks to get them back to finish it. Once the office told us that we had been crossed of the list because they had already fixed our problem when they had only looked at it. We had a crack in our window for 6 months that was still not fixed when we moved out.<br><br>The speed bumps are killers. Our poor Dodge Neon scraped if we didn't hit them at an angle while going 3 mph. We even had to replace our struts long before they normally wear out due to the wear and tear from the speed bumps at our apartment.<br><br>Winter months in Flagstaff mean snow storms. Sometimes the most dangerous part of any snowy car trip would be our parking lot. Maintenance would scrape off the top layers of snow. It was the one time that we could glid over the speed bumps without scraping.<br><br>We're good renters -no loud parties, we clean up our place on a regular basis, we don't break rules. Yet, management threatened to evict us twice because of little things. Once bag of garbage that sat out side for an hour or two waiting for my husband to take it out. And another notice because we had empty flower pots and a camp stool under our steps.<br><br>We moved out a few weeks before our contract actually ended. They pro-rated our rent and only charged us for the time we were there. We had expected to pay the full amount due to our contract, but were thrilled with the adjustment. Months later we were still waiting for our deposite to be refunded and finally called them to see what the problem was. They weren't supposed to pro-rate our rent (their mistake) so they kept our deposite to make up the difference (we pay for it). And no one ever thought of calling to tell us about their decision.
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Mill Pond Village Apartments

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