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Woodcrest Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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Office Staff
Run away. This seems odd that there is a sudden influx of AMAZING reviews all from people who've lived here less than 6 months. It's obscene to think that the staff would be writing those reviews, but I can't think of any other reason for their existence. Something that should throw up a red flag is the fact that all of these say something along the lines of "Kayla was great!"; "the staff was AMAZING"; "Super helpful staff and maintenance". My wife and I moved out, but we have friends living there still, so we're frequently back. At least twice a week. The parking lot still has horrid potholes, the maintenance still can be seen sitting around smoking instead of working, and they're still just as unhelpful as always. The lobby is the nicest part of that place. The ceiling on the upstairs porches are still falling apart, paint is still coming off, and they've refused to come fix the heating, the windows, and the cabinetry in my friend's place. My place, they did a poor job fixing the carpet upstairs in my loft. It was a hazard. Upon move in there were cigarette butts in-between the boards on our porch, the dishwasher didn't work very well, they outright refused to deal with multiple complaints on noise and light issues with the neighbors. They refused to deal with a resident who has a violent dog that she let off its leash to attack my dog. The doors to the washer dryer busted and they did an horrid job fixing it, and then when having issues with the washing machine, they laughed it off, refused to fix it, and just told me I was "overloading it". The load I'd tried consisted of 2 towels, a pair of pants, and a dress shirt. No matter how peaceful you are, these people will make you want to be violent. It's disgusting to think that their answer to so many negative reviews (they were at 15% approval rating)is to falsify reviews instead of improving their customer service and making their apartment livable again. Save yourself a lot of headaches and a potential assault charge, don't live here.
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Woodcrest Apartments

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