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Woodcrest Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
This apartment is bad. REAL BAD. If you live on the first floor that is. I am sure that living on the 2nd floor is easier. I have talked with my neighbors and friends that live on the 2nd floor and they all seem to like it. The first floor is horrible. I understand apartment living and that at times it can be loud but coming from the Lodge on Lake Mary to this apartment I have learned my mistake. I will no longer be on any level than the top. To explain myself, I found an offer for this apartment (first floor) that I could not refuse as all utilities were included except electricity and the rent was significantly lower. The office staff member (who works as a DJ now as he was fired, thank god) lied to me about everything. I looked at this apartment during the day (when my upstairs neighbors were gone at work) and it all checked out for the price. Then when I moved in is when I realized the horror! It was loud and dirty. If it was not bad enough that two people lived above me with no concern about how loud it was they also had a big dog that loved to jump up and down all day. Eventually I stopped watching TV on my TV and used headphones to watch TV on my laptop so I could buffer the sounds. Another big issue was the spider problem. I have never had as many issues with spiders as I did living in Woodcrest. I had to shake out all my clothes and wash them before moving out. Also, there were always ants in my bathroom, I do not know why, to this day. To summarize, make sure you check out the apartment again and again to make sure it looks and sounds great before signing the lease. Also, if you get a promotion make sure you read the lease, to break the lease it is a lot of money. One good thing is the management staff. The office is great, as they have updated them. I have never talked with the woman in charge as I guess my problems were never big enough. The maintenance staff is not good however. They lied about fixing the upstairs carpeting and wood because when I called back the women said they could never do what they told me they would do.
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Woodcrest Apartments

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