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Courtney Park Apartments



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TudorelN2 • Resident 2015 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2016
The previous manager was fired, because she was sending false eviction notices, and then would keep the rent money. After she left, I found out that she was charging me for parking, but no one pays for parking. When it rains really hard, my ceiling leaks (as shown in the photo). Also, I used my phone to record the leak one day, and I went outside to prove it was my apartment. I showed it to the manager, and she told the maintenance guys -- or whoever was tasked to look into it -- and she said they looked and found no evidence of a leak. Whoever said this is an idiot, because how can you tell if there's a leak without looking inside, or seeing the video? The maintenance guys are very stupid. I approached one of them about water coming in through my front door, and he just replaced the seal on the side, which looked new. I explained to him that the water is coming from under the door, because I can see light coming through it, and the seal is dried and cracked. Sometimes I will come home to find water covering the tile entryway, and carpet soaked around it. I asked the maintenance guy to look at where the leak is in the ceiling, and he took notice to the paint that was swelled from the water. Another time I asked to have the kitchen's overhead stove exhaust fan fixed. The other maintenance guy said the motor was broke, so he replaced it. While he was replacing it, he managed to break the fan. He said he would order a new one, but I guess that's too complicated for him. When I am cooking, the smoke detector goes off, and it never did when the overhead fan was operational. How many tenants will want to fix issues on their own, or spend their own money? The management company, Fred Leeds, doesn't care if you were ripped off by their company, or have a leaky ceiling. I've called the management company several times to no avail. I've sent a certified letter, and nothing. This company doesn't know how to manage, and they need to hire maintenance guys who possess common sense. The manager is very sweet, and she's been an advocate, but I question her abilities, or perhaps her employer is solely to blame. Worth Mentioning: There are no streetlights in the area, so it is very dark at night. Since I've been here, several police visits have been here to address disturbing domestic violence incidences, thefts, car break-ins, etc. One elderly lady told me that several tenants ask her, and other elderly, for their pain medicine. All of these issues probably explain why there is a high turnover rate of tenants, and I've noticed there are a lot of empty apartments. I told the previous manager about the car break-ins, but she just said she's never had a problem. Her car was always parked on the street, but it was right in front of her apartment; where there's a motion sensor flood light. If you park anywhere else on the street, your car will be in the dark. There is no public transportation here. There are two laundry rooms. One is newer, but the other is neglected. I've heard from other tenants that there are laundry thieves, which explains why some people sit and wait for their laundry. I posted a pic of the ceiling; where the leak occurs. Also, it costs $425 for a junior one-bedroom apartment, which is a wall separating the living room and bedroom. I hope this review helps.
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Courtney Park Apartments

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