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Highland Groves Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
I cannot advise you enough to stay away from these apartments. Now that I am leaving this review I see just how hard it is to find the negative reviews of this complex. I don't know who they paid at and for those reviews but if you look they are exactly the same and from over 2 years ago. The facilities are nice, but not worth how much you pay for them and all of the charges/ hidden fees they will slap you unexpectedly. Due to extenuating circumstances my wife and I needed to move out at the end of December, or we thought we would. Our lease extended to the end of February and to move out the charges were just as much as rent for those two months. Terrible circumstances outside of the apartment complex made it so we had no where to go and we asked about staying through our original lease. We were told they had already rented out our apartment, so they basically got two months rent from us to move out and then the new tenant's rent on top of that. They said we could turn in our keys at the end of the holiday weekend, we assumed out of the kindness of their hearts due to us now having to move in with family and having no where to go because they rented out our apartment. (They CHARGED us for these 3 days over the holiday weekend, which they did not notify us in advanced that they would do.) They are rude and not managed properly. We are now trying to right the wrongs that have happened to us these past two months that left us homeless by closing on a house. We were supposed to close this week but then we get a call from our loan company that we have unpaid rent to this apartment complex. NO NOTICE FROM THE APARTMENTS. No phone call, no mail (we left them a forwarding address), no e-mail, nothing. Our closing date is now pushed back two weeks because of their stupidity. I've been communicating with them about these charges back and forth and it's been a NIGHTMARE. Getting information and explanations from them is worse than pulling teeth. I finally have clarity on the situation and I understand that they are just TERRIBLE people. They are charging us for every little thing and the money we paid to move in was NOT a deposit and was basically just extra money that went to them that CANNOT be applied to the charges. NONE OF THIS WAS EXPLAINED TO US. Please do yourself a favor and avoid these apartments. They look cute, the neighbors are nice, but in the end it is not worth it.
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Highland Groves Apartments

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