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Serena Shores



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
We were so excited to move into these apartments. The sales rep that gave us the tour did a great job of selling us on all the apartment's features. Great location and great floor plan. <br><br>Once we moved in, our experience changed completely. The same "friendly" sales reps treated us with indifference, and the close parking spot we had been sold on was not even close to the one they actually gave us (and a nice walk to our apartment - I am pregnant with a young toddler, by the way). They refused to give us a better parking spot. When we first vacuumed our apartment, our vacuum was filled with paint dust. Apparently, they had not bothered to cover or clean the carpet after they repainted. The tenants above us have had problems with leaking sinks and overflowing toilets that have taken a ridiculous amount of time to be fixed and received complete apathy from the management regarding the matter. <br><br>We tried to be good tenants and not be the type to complain over all this. However, management has recently decided to make our lives miserable by continually citing our vehicles, and even our STROLLER, with a variety of warnings. We received the first warning on the night before New Year's Eve on our stroller. We kept it at the bottom of our stairs (completely out of anyone's way) since we live on the second floor and were not provided with a close parking spot or any other reasonable place to keep our stroller. Being pregnant and with a young toddler, I am not capable of carrying my stroller and child down the stairs on my own and use the stroller on a daily basis to get us around. The warning told us to move the stroller or it would be confiscated. As if it was some danger to those around us. We were waiting to bring up the issue to management when they reopened after the holiday, but instead woke up New Year's Day to a missing stroller. Although the office was not even open to store it, our stroller had been confiscated and left in front of the office with a big sticker saying "unclaimed". Shortly after, my husband's work vehicle was towed by management because the registration had expired the previous month. These are just a few of the many problems we have had in the few months we have lived here. When we brought these problems up to the manager, she was cold, uncaring, and rude. She gave no apologies or solutions. Only repeatedly told us that it was all in the policy. Policy or not, this is not the way anyone should be treated, especially in their home, or what is supposed to feel like their home. <br><br>Please DO NOT move into these apartments and spread the word. Apartment managements, particularly that of Serena Shores, need to finally get the message that they are working with real people who should be treated like real people, who by the way are providing them with their income.
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Serena Shores

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