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Sonoma Landing



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hockeyknockey • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/09/2005
First things first, we had problems from the beginning with the people who lived above us. When we went and talked to them ourselves we found out it was a couple with a five year old. We can understand five year olds will be loud from time to time but it sounds as if there is little to no insulation between the first floor and the second floor. This isn't the first apartment I've had on the first floor and this place sucks. We had termites show up in the wall that was opposite the outside and all the office said was the exterminator comes every other Thursday and we would have to wait until he came. We went to Home Depot and bought the bug spray ourselves and fixed it ourselves. The office staff didn't really act like it was a big deal at all. The exterminator verified it was termites and told us to watch for them to return and if they did they would have to do more extensive work. Luckily they did not return as I drenched the small hole in the wall they came through thoroughly with bug poison. There are several spots in the carpet where it appears there is no padding. Every now in then we step in one and we feel like we missed the step going up the stairs. No real maintenance problems to speak of but when they did come in our house to replace the chain that controls the fan speed they got some nice black tar on our carpet that I'm sure we'll pay for when we move out (the carpet wasn't new when we moved in either). Our new neighbors upstairs have lived upstairs for a little over two months now. They have a two year old. Again, we know two year olds can get out of hand, we have a three month old of our own, but this kid runs laps from his room into the kitchen and back for a good three to four hours a night. With the lack of insulation between our apartment and theirs it gets really annoying. Stacey in the office doesn't seem to think it's an issue. She was pretty put out by the fact that we told her we were tired of calling her to alert her of the problem. They told us eventually to have courtesy patrol come into our apartment to listen to how loud the noise was because of course it's up to the office to determine whether another tenant is being "excessively" noisy. When we tried this tactic, we called courtesy patrol at 7pm one night to come into our apartment to listen to the Indy 500 going on overhead and at 8:15 I made a second call to "Bill" the great Courtesy Patrol officer. He said he was "at work" and was sending Beth over to listen on his behalf. 8:30 rolled around and still nothing so I called the great Bill back and told him not to bother coming we would take it up with the office the next day. The great Bill told me he would just tell the office that he did make it over to my apartment and that the noise was "unbearable" on my behalf. Well, the next day that never happened. A week later I found out Bill was on vacation and he never got around to reporting to the office that we had ever complained about our wonderful upstairs neighbors. After complaining enough to Stacey in the office she got completely disrespectful and short with my wife and agreed to let us out of our lease agreement without any penalty. To add fuel to the fire, I've come to find out that our wonderful upstairs neighbors will be moving into our downstairs apartment on our departure even though they had a chance to relocate to another downstairs apartment elsewhere in the complex while we were complaining they were too loud. This is a very attractive looking complex. It's in a great neighborhood and the price isn't horrible, but Stacey is a horrible manager. The other staff in the office were always pretty helpful and at least showed concern when we would bring a problem to their attention. I definitely wouldn't recommend living here unless you're ok with living on the top floor and you don't have kids, cause if you do, your downstairs neighbors are going to hate you and there will be problems.
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Sonoma Landing

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