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Sagewood Apartments



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andrealawstudent • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2006
UPDATE:<br><br>UNBELIEVEABLE! After all the good things we said about them on the internet, they sent us to collections! Our house got finished early therefore we had to break our lease. We gave the required 30 day notice etc. They said there would be a break lease fee. So we called the owners of the complex and left a message to call us so we could arrange payment. They never called back. We also left all of our forwarding information. Address, phone numbers, etc. and we were still never contacted. We just found out today that they sent us to collections!! We have near to perfect credit and we also pay pay our debts. ALWAYS! I am shocked. I am sorry, I can no longer recommend this place. I was nice enough not to mention all the bad things that happened while we were there. The alcoholic racist that lived downstairs, the fact our air conditioner went out twice and we had to stay in a hotel (packing up our cat, dog, and children), the fact that our whole air conditioning unit got stolen in the middle of the night and again we had to pack up and leave, our brand new 07 Denali got hit by a neighbor whom did not fess to it and we had to pay to get it fixed, then 2 weeks later that same car got keyed, the loud children, the people who don't pick up after their dogs and it smells like poo everywhere. I still like the front office staff but I would never recommend this place to anyone again. I am going to be sure to alert all of the large dog communities that I told about this place. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br>Make sure you file at Ripoffreport.com and let others know about this horrid place!<br><br>
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Sagewood Apartments

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