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Villas At Camelback Crossings



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
We've lived here for over 4 years and have seen management change hands 5 times...each one promising to make it better than the last..we've endured a LOT of changes and the property *going down hill* only to improve each time before another buyer and then *going down hill again*. We've had out windows broken out by kids throwing rocks and landscaping crews equipement and taking over 3 months to even get one of them fixed, our unattached storage unit broken into, viewed by another tenant but not reported to the police by the management because of a mark on the community. We've seen a hallway storage unit kicked in by a young tenant that lived here and when reported to the office, I was told I had to call authorities only to find out that this tenant was responsible for several others in the neighborhood but was still permitted to live on grounds. Our truck was broken into but when I ask around, of course, no one had seen or heard anything. There has been a block watch program tried here and some great suggestions but nothing ever followed through with. The rules are NOT adhered to with the kids in regards to the pools, hot tub OR the work out facility BUT we still pay the same amount of rent each month even though we CAN'T use one of the above because of some carelessness. They've had huge parties in the pool area..broken glass, beer in the hot tub and *nasty* in the pool...shut it down for quite some time and the the city had to come out and inspect, reinspect and so on. The gates are an *on and off* situation and people try to *run* them when they get tired of waiting to get through. We have seen many many tenants come and go and have endured a LOT of noisy tenants as well..the ceilings ARE thin and we can hear everything as well. The one thing that has improved over time has been the landscaping but the worst situation has to be the parking elements...we have had our parking spot changed at least 3 times since being here and it appears to just be a free for all with parking spots..people park where they so choose..whenever they choose. The situation has gotten so far out of control that Phoenix PD has come in and was ticketing those parked illegal. It seemed to help if only for a week or two and now it is back to the same ole routine...do what you want..when you want. People do NOT watch their kids and we've heard kids running up and down the stairs, playing in the halls at 11 pm at night. Where are the parents. The kids are disrespectful and have no manners or consideration for others. Alot are latch key children and take over free reign of the area. WE used to have community breakfasts on Saturdays but that has been done away with overtime because parents would let their children go down and take advantage. Vehicles race up and down the streets without any regard to life and even the speed bumps do not seem to make a difference. As for Pet Friendly...I think they are as we constantly have to watch for doggie corners.<br>I do believe the management is trying to improve the quality of living here and certainly have a challenge on their hands. If everyone would think about this being "their home" and treat it and others with respect then perhaps it would all come together for everyone.
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Villas At Camelback Crossings

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