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Villas At Camelback Crossings



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amauc • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I will be moving out of this place soon primarily due to those who live here that insist on looking, talking and acting like they are in a rap video. I am tired of thugs hanging around playing loud music that is full of profane language so that my son can get an ear-full as we walk by. We go in the house but we can still hear it. When my son calls you the N word don't be shocked becuase he probably thiks it is actually your name considering how many times he has heard it. The other problem is that these people seem to think it is OK to let there kids bang on my walls and yell and scream outside of my door while they are jamming to there getto music. <br><br>The other major problem is that there is not parking if you have 2 vehicles. You get one assigned spot and the few visitor spots available are generally taken. There is no side street near by so you literaly have no choice but to park in the fire lane where you risk getting a ticket or being towed. In the summer monthes my apartment is infestd with cockroaches although they do have pest control with helps a little.
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Villas At Camelback Crossings

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