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Villas At Camelback Crossings



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/11/2007
We have been living here for six months and cannot believe we have to pay so much for such "polished" ------ accomodations. When we toured the area, they only showed us the immediate proximity to the stylish, trendy office and club house. From those two aspects, we were unfortunately impressed. However, once we moved in, we started to realize we had fallen for a lemon. Plainly, it sucks living here. Besides the hefty rent, three central issues immediately come to mind: parking, children, and the general condition of the complex itself. <br><br>Whoever designed this place should have their license removed because they clearly did not intend for tenants to have more than one vehicle per apartment. Coming home every night is a roll of the dice for parking, forcing us to park in fire lanes, in front of the trash bin, even double parking. I used to work a second job at night and came home around 3 am. Then, I used to drive around the ENTIRE complex in search of a parking space, but to no avail! I would have to either park in a fire lane or block the trash area just to finally go home and rest.<br><br>The kids in our complex are straight ------ without any respect or supervision. I brought this to the attention of the new management. They assured they were going to send a letter to everyone about this problem, but there was no such follow through. We have a five year old son and try our very best to instill fundamental values in him, but it's hard when the children around here are pathetically miseducated on values, that we restrict him from ever going outside to play. <br><br>The construction of these apartments is horrendous. Our upstairs neighbors have three boys (get a house, buddy) making stomping noises through our ceiling all throughout the day and we can even hear them urinating and talking in the bathroom through the vents. I hope they can't hear us, but they probably can. <br><br>The hot water pressure problem is absurd! When you turn the knob too much, the pipes make this pounding noise and then the water turns right off! You have to expertly fidgit with the knob just right to get any water to come out. Do you know how frustrating it is to do this every single morning while getting ready for work?<br><br>The logic is simple: Wantonly high-priced rent for meager accomodations. Please, don't fall for the "first appearance" of this place, its a nightmare.<br>
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Villas At Camelback Crossings

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