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Pinal Mountain Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2013
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I moved into Pinal Mountain Apartments on November 8,2010.. It was the first place I ever moved into by myself. Because it goes off your income I thought it would be a great place to start out in... that's what I thought anyway. When I moved in the manager was Essie Torres and her husband Rudy was the maintance man, they were nosey people just basically bored, you could tell. Rudy was an awful at repairs, he basically just liked to rake and spy on people. I lived there for a year when we got new management Megha Wood and her husband Jon Wood. These people where do I start, well Megha is for the most part a nice friendly professional woman, she always seemed eager to make a friend. Jon on the other hand is such a jerk, he will talk to you like your scum, he will remind you that you live in government funded housing and your poor (not in a nice way either), he's a controling man and very ---- retentive. He would tell where I could and couldn't have my furniture, how many plastic grocery bags I was allowed to keep at a time, "ten is enough" in his words. Excuse me but I have 3 babies in diapers ten plastic bags is no where near enough. At this apartment complex they do monthly inspections but they are not suppose to invade your privacy, they're basically suppose to glance around and check the smoke detectors. Jon would open all the closets, cabinets and drawers and take pictures.. and if it was cluttered in those spaces he wasn't suppose look he would write you up. He would also harass the hell out of you for guests, if you have friends that come over he wants to know their full name and birthdate so he can run a background check on them, if they have anything at all on their background he will tell you they can't come here anymore and if they do he will call the police because they are trespassing. In my case the father of my kids didn't live with me because he has a felony and was not approved on the lease but he would still come over everyday and spend time with me and the kids, we were still together just not living together. They would take notes of what times he came and how long he stayed, they would take pictures of his car and of him. They would even take notes and pictures of what times I left and came back, the reason I know this is because they told me. Megha said to me one day "yesterday you left at 3am and didn't come back til 6, you stay up late huh", I felt it was none of their freaking business what time I leave and come back. Jon is a bully, he only picks on those who are weaker than him. Like this guy who is recovering from a kidney failure, for while he couldn't even walk, Jon would write him up for not washing his walls and not dusting the tops of the cabinets, the guy couldn't walk how was he suppose to do that? A friend of mine who lived here for a very short time got written up because her 5 year old son had left the toliet seat up, Jon wrote her up because he said it was unsanitary. He would harass me when my boyfriend wasn't around, the second he saw my boyfriend he would turn around and walk the other way. I got a non-renewal of lease after living there for 3 years for "habitual non compliances during tenancy" which is such BS because I did everything that A**hole wanted me to do, except one time I refused to sign his write up because it wasn't true and I wasn't going to agree to a lie. And they actually waited until I lost my job to do it... DONT EVER LIVE HERE!! And also there are many meth users that live at this complex and Jon doesn't ever bother them... I wonder why that is???
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Pinal Mountain Apartments

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