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Kingman Heights Apartments



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Office Staff
Annoyed Resident • Resident 2011 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/12/2014
This is HUD subsidized senior housing owned by Foundations for Senior Living. There is a serious bed bug problem since Oct. 2013. It is now mid-August 2014. " Manager" and her superiors have been in denial. Now that the situation has been allowed to affect app. 30% of residents, and they are contacting outside sources for help, "Manager" and her superiors are playing the CYA game, and doing things that should have been done last year, like notifying residents that there is a problem. Instead, people have been allowed to keep using the community room and laundry room, unaware that bed bugs have been seen in both areas. Seniors are having to throw away their beds and other furniture and sleep on the floor in an apt. just bombed for bed bugs. No body needs to sleep in a toxic environment, but esp. seniors who already have other health issues. Who will compensate innocent residents for new beds? Nobody! Don't move to Kingman Heights unless you are desperate enough to deal with bed bugs. Also, "Manager" allows property to become run down until time for a HUD inspection. Then she paints, landscapes, etc. to take care of the "curb appeal" when HUD reps show up to see how their (our/your?) money is being spent. Right now, Kingman Heights is grossly mismanaged. Bed Bug Haven!
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Kingman Heights Apartments

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