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Essence30 • Resident 2002 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/11/2005
I have lived here for almost 3 years.I'll probably be out at the end of my lease this year because I am having a baby and want to purchase a home or a condo. I have to admit that most of the comments here are pretty accurate. I have had some good times and some horrible ones with management. The manager herself is absolutely unapproachable and just ridiculous. I had a car towed from the complex and wanted my money reimbursed to get my car back. She gave 5 different reasons why it was towed, first it wasn't registered...it was, then it was unregistered...i gave proof it was, on and on. Then on to we thought it was abandoned, I was like, how can it be abandoned when it is on my lease and you cashed my check on the first...no answer. I have had questions that were met with disdain and ugly looks, etc. I don't know if time makes it better, and i too have had problems with Sherry, the biggest one is no matter what you have a question about or concern about SHE can't help you or doesnt' have the correct information. The problem with pigeons and poo from dogs is a big issue and those that have mentioned these concerns were accurate, however no pigeons in my area, however there are some that I'd be afraid to come out with nice clothes on its so horrible. As time has gone on its gotten much better. I have had minimal problems after the first year and a half, and the staff changes are just horrible and frustrating. Overall the apt is nice, (I love it) but the staff sometimes makes it seem it isn't worth it. If they could work on their people skills and maintaining staff that understand the importance of customer service...not necessarily giving people what they want when they want, but the appropriate way to handle things even unpleasant situations, it would be much better. I've also had a car hit by wild friends of occupants and repeated parking problems, but these have gotten better. I kind of like the police presence, I am always aware that they aren't there to look for me, so it is just life I suppose.
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