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Falcon Glen



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woogalee • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
So I read all the nasty comments about this apartment, and thought what the heck, i'll try it anyways. BIG MISTAKE! The staff is completly rediculous. I was taken to court for not paying my rent...good thing I had the reciept to prove that I did pay! Everytime I went in to pay my rent, the office lady had to count my money like 10 times, no joke. I guess counting to 6 was just too much for her to handle. Now maintenance, I could write a book on all the problems i've had. My dishwasher broke- that took 4 visits to the front office before I was put on the list to have it fixed, and it wasnt fixed for another 3 months. I've had 2 floods, which were not cleaned until 2 days later. My shower head broke. When I moved into my apartment I had no fridge. HELLO! Couldn't you see that something was missing before I moved in! Ants everywhere. Parking sucks. My neighbors truck was STOLEN 4 TIMES IN A WEEK! My other neighbors house was broken into. The pools are always green, so no swimming at all. Lets see...what else...don't go out after about 8pm, that's when the pot heads and the drunks come out. And if you dont go outside, you can just smell it thru the dryer vents. Dont talk above a whisper, your neighbors can hear EVERYTHING you say. I could go on...but I think you get the point, this place is TERRIBLE! So, if you never want to swim again, dont really like your car anyway, want to waste your time in court, love ants, then this place is for you! Oh, and by the way, my neighbors had sex every Mon, Wed, and Sat. Yes, I heard them every time.
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Falcon Glen

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