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Falcon Glen



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
A neighbor was raped a few weeks ago, and the alleged attacker lives in Phase One. The Pizza man was robbed at gunpoint, and the other week another neighbor had their windows blown out allegedly by gunshot. But hey, don't we all love hiding with our pets in the laundry room and missing the most important part of an all new "Hero's"? <br><br>Drug dealers live here, but if you stay away from them and mind your own business you wont be bothered. HOWEVER, you may have your car stolen or be robbed by their loyal customers. Just try and look the other way when they sit outside all day as car after car pulls in and they gangster-walk up to it. Try not to look when the cops are frisking them, and try not to make eye contact (or laugh) the next time you see them. The dealers like the apartments facing the parking lot (easy access), so go for the apartments inside the complex. This increases your chances of robbery or rape, but its a small sacrifice to avoid having people knock on your door at 3am asking if you "have any".<br><br>Perverts shold have fun here, provided they move next door to a, um... "fun loving" person. You'll be able to hear EVERYTHING they do (and everybody that does them). You havent lived until you've heard your 30 somethinig doped up crab infested ------ neighbor get gang banged by a bunch of teenagers.<br><br>My lease is up. THANK GOD.. YIPPEE! Good riddance to bad rubbish.
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Falcon Glen

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