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Lakeview at Superstition Springs Apartments



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coasterace • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2007
i have lived at Lakeview Apartments for 7 months and my stay has had its ups and downs (as is the case with most apartments, I assume). Starting with maintenance people (crew), HORRIBLE! I've never seen people this lazy in my life. <br><br>Im a college student and this makes me feel good, in terms of knowing that I will have a decent job in life, as I am not remotely as lazy as these slugs. I feel I really lucked out with the apartment I'm living in. I had people below me that were playing really loud music at 3, 4 in the morning, so I kept calling every day so that I could get them kicked out. It actually worked. They moved out about 3 weeks after I moved in!! Now, it is a model for the staff to show potential renters, so it is nice and quiet below me. <br><br>Noise is a problem here (i thought it was not going to be, considering the look of the complex). I can hear people outside clearer than I can hear people behind the walls, which I thought was interesting to say the least. Walls are not the highest quality as well as the windows. Forget storage spaces as well. They do not give you a key to open the door to the storage space (which is out on the patio) because the hot water heater is in there. they said it was for "safety purposes." complex always has yard people fixing up the place, so that is good. <br><br>It has a nice overall look to it and they just painted all the units so they look nice in that regard. this place is huge!! i couldn't believe all the units that make up this complex. Now that I have lived in a big place like this, I would much rather live in a smaller complex, for reasons such as more willingness on the part of the maintenance people to fix things, noice reduction, etc. San Montego looks like a nicer place (much smaller, and is right across the street from lakeview). <br><br>lakeview is very centrally located, the US60 is 30 seconds away, mall is 1 min away, resturants galore, movie theaters. lighting around the entire complex is very good actually. <br><br>i agree with the other reviews in that when it says "luxury" its basically --------. just forget that it says that because it is just reason for the complex to raise their prices. as for the office staff, ehhhh....alright. they are pretty nice, but you can tell some of them are lazy ------- just like the maintenance people.
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Lakeview at Superstition Springs Apartments

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