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Office Staff
Vemmalife • Resident 2012 - 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2013
The front office staff doesn't act in unison. Bridgette has been managing for too long without any consequences for her lazy actions. No on that works here lives on the property... any idea why?? Let me fill you in. The A/C units are old, not efficient, and are not sized correctly for the apartments (high bill) The tack strips poke through the super thin carpet. The carpets only get replaced if half the room is destroyed The Kitchens are insanely small (can't open the dishwasher you cant open the fridge at all The dryer units do not have the correct vent lines per safety and fire safety hazards Oh and your parking spot correlates with nothing (have fun walking across an erie parking lot at night) Lets talk about our constant complaint with the front office in regards to our ridiculous upstairs neighbors!! 5 people in a 2 bedroom is one people too many!! One person is not on the lease and they are the most obnoxious between the time of 10PM to 4AM as our 8 month old cannot sleep while they party and rough house upstairs. We have worked our way up the ladder: courtesy patrol to front office complaint, to above Bridgette!! That lady above Bridgette apparently cannot handle her job or keep to the schedule she has set!! You will not be heard, if you are you will be brushed off, and once you sign you are stuck in the lease of miserable living!! 3 days after we moved in we had three different neighbors all say they can't wait to leave. So on behalf of them!! take more stars off this STUPID SENTINEL PROPERTY!! Live Mark Taylor or Baron Properties!! By the way its easy to click "you are not an apartment employee or property management corporate worker," when leaving this review. The only great person on this property who is over worked and underpaid is Vern!! He stayed for 72 hours straight and told us that he did it for job security but most likely would not get paid!! Funny how overpaid and the under-qualified Bridgette went home as soon as the office closed!! Also for Michelle Hasselgrave or whatever!! Even if someone has been a great manager for a long time, Change is a good thing!! either promote her or fire her! That should go for you as well!! signed, an honest tenant
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