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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/13/2012
Been here for almost a year now, and needless to say, I'm not impressed. Can't wait for my lease to be up! A month and a half before move-in, I inspected apartment and found major issues that needed to be resolved. Was assured by front office staff that all issues would be taken care of before move-in. Well, they weren't. Moved in with an unbalanced washer/dryer, old/broken thermostat cover that was unreadable, fridge that wasn't even turned on which resulted in spoiled food, a window that didn't open/close in the bedroom, an ant problem in one of the closets in the bedroom, drains in the bathroom sink/tub that wouldn't drain, a water heater with the temperature not fully turned up, & vents closed in all the rooms so that air wasn't fully circulating in the apartment. I even found what appeared to be someone's dried nasal mucous on the wall in my bedroom. No joke, it was disgusting, and I had to sanitize the entire wall. It took them months to fix these things (they didn't actually fix all of the issues.) Months of coming & going in my apartment (my private living space) even though I specifically asked them to fix them a little more than a month before move-in. They had more than a month's notice, so there really was no excuse. During the first month here, I also realized something wasn't right, as I noticed water stains on the ceiling in the bedroom/closet and in the living room above my plasma TV that I hadn't noticed before. Got a full day's rainstorm, and realized the roof was leaking! Frustrated & disappointed, quickly unplugged/moved the TV (thankfully it didn't get ruined as I moved it in time) and went down to the office and spoke to the property manager, and all I got was an unsympathetic comment about how ''roofs leak'' and how mine wouldn't be one of the ones being replaced. VERY unprofessional, especially coming from a property manager. Went back & forth with maintenance & front desk for weeks, and they finally decided to ''fix'' the roof. Well, all they did was patch it up for God knows how many times now. I'm afraid for the next major rainstorm. The closet is pretty much ruined, ceiling & doorway are cracked. I suspect the water leakage caused some serious structural damage, as well as mold growth. Thankfully, it didn't start a fire, as it was leaking right onto the light in the closet. (See pictures) I don't think the roof has never been fully replaced since this place was built in 1999/2000. Same with the air conditioners, they're all very old, not energy efficient, & barely push out any cold air (not good in the summer.) The air conditioner also drains freezing cold water through a hole in the ceiling, right into the shower. When you're trying to take one, it is not pleasant. Another negative is my electric bill is in the $250-$300 range per month! For a small 1 bedroom apartment, it's ridiculous. Typically, things like roofs/air conditioners should be fully replaced every 10 years or so. They're not maintaining this place very well. This community is gated, but most of the time, the gates are left wide open. Another drawback is a lot of people will not want to wait 10 seconds for the gate to open to exit, and end up going out the entrance. Surprised there hasn't been a head-on collision as a result of this. Also, it's very annoying how people are too lazy to walk 10 feet to get their mail. They park right in front of the mailboxes and block everyone from getting by. This is a recurring problem that should be addressed. People also park right in front of their garages as well. Very inconsiderate, and it makes it difficult to get to your apartment. Lastly, don't be fooled by the many positive reviews. As others have stated previously, I suspect they (the management) in the past have sent out flyers encouraging positive reviews in exchange for $$ off rent. Their reviews are why they have so many renters here, they keep them in a big book up at the front desk as a selling point. Don't believe me, go look for yourself. I've lived in a few other (older) apartment complexes in this state, and I can tell you I've honestly never had this many problems with an apartment before. You'd be better off living somewhere else, and paying less.
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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 07/13/2012) Image of Arrowhead Landing in Peoria, AZ
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