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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/02/2012
We just moved in on 7/30/12, but when we came to look at the apartment the office tools us we could have direct tv because our assortment would be facing the correct way. Well when we saw the apartment there is this huge tree right next to our building and direct tv had two technicians conm out and both had said that we wouldn't be able to get a signal unless the complex trimmed the tree (actually took off the whole top half of the tree) the complex was unwilling to accommodate us after we had asked numerous times I'd that tree was going to be in the way, and one of the officer women had tools us she had a tree in front of get dish and can still get signal and had no problems. They were obviously to concerned abbot renting a unit and they won't transfer us to a different unit or move us out of here. Due to the heart and young kids are the only reasons why we haven't broken or lease (after 3 days). We WILL NOT renew our lease with this comple when our lease is up in one year. We were not very happy that they lied to us, we feel like we got scammed..so for those who want to move here don't, it's nothing but a huge headache.
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Arrowhead Landing

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