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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/25/2012
DO NOT LET THE MODEL APARTMENT FOOL YOU!! This place is horribly run. Before you consider putting a deposit down or signing a new lease.......RUN, as fast as you can!! They can spend thousands of dollars on landscaping and curb/parking spot painting but they will not pay for the necessary plumbing and A/C repairs. I moved in March 2012 and my 1st day, I had complaints. My patio door did not lock. My fridge has cracked shelves and doors. Counter tops were stained and scratched as if they were used as a cutting board. Carpet was stained. Patio blinds were multi-colored. But those are just minor compared to the weeks I have gone without air due to the a/c unit not working properly. It needs to be replaced but "its not in their budget". So the coils freeze, causing it to rain in my main bathroom and hallway but no biggie, right? WRONG!! The latest problem is the sewage waste that backed up into my main bathroom a few days ago. 2 Days later, (last night) it happened in my 2nd bathroom!! Did maintenance come fix? NOPE. I hae standing "poopie" water in my bathroom and the remaining carpet is soaked. See the problem??
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