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2025 West

2025 W Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85015



Resident · 2008
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Currently I am a resident of Fountain Ridge Apartment complex. To be exact; I have been a resident for seven months now and during that time I am getting very dissatisfied and disappointed with the way things are done. Specifically; I am referring to the maintainance in and outside of my apartment units. Reason why I say units is because I moved from one apartment to another for numerous reasons, reasons for moving are listed below: 1st apartment: a) bedroom window screen needed replacement, never replaced. b) carpet stank, previous resident(s) might've had pets, smelled like cat urine. c) kitchen faucet/pipe made a thumping sound when water was running through the pipes. d) problems with cockroaches e) caulking needed badly; holes inviting critters to roam around all they want. f) noisy neighbors g) never any hot water for shower, dishes/cooking, laundry, etc. h) toilet plumbing not up to par. 2nd apartment: a) again never enough hot water!!! b) caulking must also be a big problem in every unit. c) apartment door not intruder-proof; could easily be accessible to others. d) big gap underneath front door inviting cold air, bugs, blowing leaves. I strongly believe that every unit should have a door knob with a locking key along with the deadbolt lock installed now. Deadbolt lock above doorknob is not strong enough; especially if someone gave the door a good kick or push, the door frames are old, the woodwork is OLD and they look new only because they've been repainted over and over again. Same thing with the kitchen cupboards, painted over & over again. Don't like the dark brown paint and dark brown carpets......is this their way of hiding/concealing their pets (the cockroaches)??? Laundry facility is a waste of money due to the fact of "NO HOT WATER" and you're constantly putting money into the dryers to get your clothes halfway dry. Most apartment complex management would give the new resident(s) the inventory sheets for the apartment they're moving into; this complex does not!! Why?? Are they afraid to see the end-results on paper, all the marks that need attention?? Not to mention a copy of the lease; a resident SHOULD have a copy of their lease in their hands when walking out of the leasing office after signing their lease agreement/contract. Instead a copy gets mailed to you in/after 30 days. I believe we're in the third-world or is it the "backwards world" apartment complex. Upon complaining about the hot water issue, I'm told each time to run/turn on all the hot water faucets in my apartment all at the same time and that means the kitchen, bathroom sink and bathtub/shower faucets to get the hot water flowing. Isn't this water shortage....HELLO!!!! Upon doing so each time; the "so-called hot water is not HOT" and does not get any hotter.......if they call that hot I would hate to find out what "scalding hot water means to them".
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2025 West

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