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2025 West

2025 W Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85015



Resident · 2011 - 2012
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Office Staff
Ditto too all the previous reviews, to be awnest, this is the worst place that any human been can live in. When we moved in the first day we noticed that the place was infested with roaches and we also found out that our apartment didn't have a properly working a/c , at that time my baby girl was 2 years old imagine having your baby with out a/c in the middle of june. (terrible right) We went to talk the manager (laura) about our a/c not working, and all she did was send her worthless maintance guys to try to fix the a/c and all they did was spray it with cleanner and i had to leave the appartment for more then an hour, they never fixed it, the celing started leaking water, until the cealing fell from where the a/c was at, anyways i talked to the so called manager about the same problem and they never fixed the a/c to the day it might still be broken. second day we noticed that we didn't have hot water, so we went back to the "manager" and told her about our problem with the water and again sent her her guys to try to fix the problem. when the maintance guy "was fixing the hot water" I started talking to him and he confessed to me that the building 600 didn't have the proper pipes to run hot water and until they fixed that, that building was never gonna have hot water. Awesome to know. Finally after a month, A MONTH of having constant problem with this appt. she finally moved us to another appt. never seen more roaches in my life, I mean the "new" appt we got had so many roaches you could kill over 20 roaches with a simple step when you would turn on the lights. Seriously they rent to anyone, I mean anyone. I thought my fist appt was going to be better then this, but you learn from your mistakes this place is A 0% recommend don't waste your money here like I did. WORST PLACE AND WORST MANAGEMENT.
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2025 West

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