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2025 West

2025 W Indian School Road

Phoenix, AZ 85015



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I live at Bella Manor now and I regret not looking around the complex before I signed a year lease. Don't be fooled by the model apartment they show you; the rest of the place is nothing like that. They keep the area by the office looking clean with fresh paint, a clean parking lot, colorful balloons & pretty flowers but the rest of the place is a dump. Drive through both sides of the complex and see for yourself. This place is full of crackheads, prostitutes and refugees. I understand that there are people in the world who aren't as fortunate as others, but I don't think that should be an excuse to be downright dirty and careless. The areas in front of their apartments are sloppy and cluttered with trash and old junk. There are kids of all ages out from morning until night screaming and destroying the laundry rooms, playing in the dumpsters and throwing garbage everywhere looking for bottles and cans. They climb on top of the parking awnings and throw rocks at people and passing cars. They play in between parked vehicles scratching and hitting them with sticks & rocks and stealing from any that are left unlocked. Even the younger children are left out to play unsupervised. I dont know how many times I've seen little ones almost get run over in the parking lots.(the complex is located near the I-17 freeway and too many times I've seen kids in diapers and no shoes running towards the entrance to the side walk with no adults in sight!)It is unbelievable. I won't let my sons out to play with the kids in this complex. The playground is basically a stray cat litter box. I've complained to the office employees and all they do is shrug their shoulders and sigh. On the inside this place is infested with cockroaches that seem to be immune to the bug spray that their bug company uses. I've lived here since May and I've had my apartment sprayed at least 7 times. The maintenece is a joke. They dont really fix anything, they just make a temporary adjustments until you call 5x's to have it fixed again. The air conditioner is always broken the breakers need to be replaced and water heaters dont work. The walls are thin, the electricity dims when I use the washer & dryer and the people who live above us sound like they are going to fall right through the ceiling. The windows are thin and shaky,the showers smell like mold and sewer and the plumming is horrible. I cringe when I see nice cars parked in the future resident visitors parking. The $49 move in special and cheap rent is too good to be true. Despite what I've written I'm thankful for a place to live..but I truly can't wait to move out.
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2025 West

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