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Andante Apartments

15801 South 48th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85048



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
This complex went from decent to unacceptable really fast. Rude/incompetent office staff had me locked outside of my apartment in 100 degree heat not once but twice, as well as a work order for a fan to be installed taking 2 months and four reminder phone calls. When something breaks in the apartment and they FINALLY fix it, it's only fixed for about two days and then it breaks again. The bugs are out of control-- walk outside after dark and you can't take a step without feeling a bug crawl over your foot. I am not exaggerating, it's really disgusting and I wonder how sanitary it is to have cockroaches everywhere. Our apartment was overridden with scorpions, as is the rest of the apartments- i'll get into that later. The main pool is nice but it's always filled with unattended drunk teens and the hot tub is frequently cold. As for the "high speed" internet, it's about as fast as dial up circa 1999. The apartment went through an ownership change and EVERYTHING was delayed (hence the 2 month work order) including our scorpion problem, as they were also changing pest control companies. Basically, when the new staff has a chance to rectify a serious problem like scorpions they are totally incomptent and then throw their hands up in the air and say "oops!" Nothing has been done to solve my problem and I doubt anything will. I will run screaming from Andante when our six month lease ends.
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Andante Apartments

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