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Arioso City Lofts



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/10/2005
well, it looks like a diamond in the rough.. beautiful from the outside, especially compared to the neighborhood. i have to agree with the reviews regarding the leasing agents, however. <br><br>i had viewed the property and liked it, so i took my roommate back the following day. i had called earlier to ensure it closed at 5pm. when we got there, the leasing agent had a not-so-sympathetic look on her face and said that they stopped showing the units at 4:30. i referred to the huge clack behind her that said it was only 4:25... and she corrected me, pointing to a clock in front of her (which i couldn't see) and said, "well we go by 'that' clock which says it's 4:32. <br><br>okay, that's fine, but i reminded her that i had called earlier and they said they were open until 5 and didn't mention that they stopped showing at 4:30.. and my roommate had driven all the way from northeast scottsdale to see it. not to mention that the huge clock behind her displayed that it was not even 4:30. <br><br>she walked over and talked to another leasing agent who apologized that she had already locked up the show units. <br><br>we left and noticed that the gates were open so we drove in so i could show her the property. i noticed that pool, although hidden by some shrubs, was pretty dirty and there was a broken down and faded soda machine. when we walked back to our car, i noticed the leasing agent walking away from a show unit after locking it up. she couldn't even have the courtesy to show us the unit while she locked it up.<br><br>i just think this is a bad premonition to the way people are treated when they live there. i think it seems great cosmetically, but i was reminded that the leasing agents must have been from around the area, the ------, and weren't accustomed to decent customer service. <br><br>with that said, my experience the previous day with another agent was a pleasant experience. i think they just need to hire people who prioritize customer service over leaving work 5 minutes early.
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Arioso City Lofts

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