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Belcourt Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/13/2008
Belcourt management are slum lords!!!! The management failed to tell me that two people had died in my apartment with the latest person committed suicide!!! I had to find that out from a neighbor. I would strongly recommend in the strident terms I can NOT to rent or live in this dump. When I first moved in, I lived next door to a drug dealer and pimp who had a steady stream of druggies and ladies of the evening coming and going from his apartment. There was also a crazy middle aged man who was mental disturbed and often skipped his meds. How do I know this? He would quite frequently stand about ten feet from his apartment and engage in a rage filled diatribe about white people. Not only that but he would smoke his cheap cigars and stare at me as I came and went from my apartment. I am just getting warmed up here! There was also a lady who lived just downstairs from me who would also yell at the other people who lived in the building. I saw her engage in several verbal confrontations with others who lived there. She would frequently yell at me and stare me down for simply taking the trash. I remember one day when she cornered me while eating Doritos. She sprayed chips all over me. The people that live here are not friendly and most of them are mentally disturbed and living there simply because of social services like Value Options. The parking is horrible and cramped!!!!!! I have three door dings just from my inconsiderate neighbors. Now let me tell you about the security guard: his is the least stable of them all. The man is angry, abusive, and threatening. They let him patrol the grounds with a gun!!! That s right, he is not a law enforcement officer (post certified) and yet he patrols the grounds with a gun!! To sum up, if you are a mentally sound, decent person who expects to live in a safe comfortable environment, this is not the place for you. I would add a final statement, the Belcourt broke my lease my lease and failed to honor their contract.
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Belcourt Apartments

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