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Biltmore Square Condominium



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iknowbest • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2007
I'll sum it up: A. These condo conversion units are a flooding nightmare waiting to happen. The faulty plumbing can be found behind the toilets, under the sinks, beind the fridge, behind the dishwasher and behind the clothes washer. As a buyer, these expenses must be paid BY YOU. Any damages caused by the faulty plumbing must also be paid BY YOU. So, if your unit is flooded, and as a result the unit below you is damaged, you will have to pay for all related damages even thought they have been aware of this problem for years. B. Because the word had gotten out on what a horrible place this is to live, investors are unable to keep these units occupied and are renting to ANYONE. Crime here is horrible with more than 28 car thefts from the GATED parking structure WITH security officers. Building 7 is KNOWN for it's crime especially a drug dealer on the 3rd floor. Phoenix PD has raided that unit TWICE. The property manager, Susan, LIES to landlords when they call her to find out what is going on because their tenants want to get out of their leases. She tells them that she has had no reports of any such activity, but as a homeowner you can call the security company and ask to see the recent reports and you will then see that she is LYING to you. (these reports that security has are delivered to Susan each week) C. The walls are PAPER thin. I can here my neighbor open and close her dresser drawers! D. The property grounds are not well managed and 80 percent of the property ground lights are not working. E.The floor design makes it impossible to have any furniture. For example, the cable outlet in the master bedroom is on a wall that only has 1 foot or so of space, so you can't even fit a TV there. So, you must run an extention cable wire to the other side of the room where a TV will fit. So, now you have a cable either on the floor or running over the door. F. The property manager is old and rude. She is never happy to help resolve any issues with out being a jerk about it.
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Biltmore Square Condominium

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