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Brandywood Apartments



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rubber_ducky • Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
they may have changed their people but dont be fooled they are still bad i live at these apartments you cant get help any time they arent in all the hrs they are supost to be their security wow i would be suprised if you see any. they dont give your balance. they are all managers not just one but 5. for two years i have complained about my Party neibor and had to call the cops instead 30 times no joke. they may seem cheap but they are bad my coolers been leaking for a year one of the matince guys is thowing away the jobs so he dosnt have to work. please i advise u not to live here for your and ur family sake there are drunks every where. no security and even my wall still has water in it. cracked floors and more discusting holes in the walls where the pipes are. o ya the studios no baths just showers that u cant turn on and the sinks o my they turn both ways. one of the matinace guys dosnt know who or how my cooler works its so bad i came home to a wet kitchen. o u want more i cant evven go down there to talk to any one i make my husband go cuz they are so un helpful they can make the hapeies people mad. u want more lets see the carpets i advise u not to have one they get dirty in 2 days. they start using that leaf blower up next to your door and trust me it sound like it right in your ear earliy in the morning. the walls are so thin u can hear everything that goes on. i feel bad for everyone around me. they always tell me o we'll send some one right away ok sure ya they say that i told them about my sink and wall two months ago no joke. it gets worse every day o and when i moved in this one is grose for two months i complained about my roof leaking big huge bubbles then down it went down the wall this one wasnt rain water it was the up stairs bathroom now i tell them every day for 2 months no help at all they came cut my wall open the left it they ended up finaly fixing it but i was so sick from all that stuff coming out and the smell i was sick for 4 months. this is not the place for any one to live. o and the drunks pee in the stairs o ya they sure do and glass every where on the stairs and around some doors. o dont get me started on the fridge you might as well eat out for the time your there the fridges dont frezze or keep any thing fresh. and my stove broke 1 1/2 months to get it fixed they even orderd the wrong pat and all my food spoiled. of course i told them they said we cant help you out there.haha i rember dipar man he had a car licence princess. i know how u feel my nebor dosnt stop when the cops leave he turns it right back on five mins later most of the time the cops have to come back or by the time they get to there cars hears it again. the cooler ting they told me that it was at certain time they turn of the cool or heat o no you cant get both it one or the other when i moved in a guy had walked right into my apartment trying to steel stuff with my baby 1 year old nephew there. until he saw my sister in law and he ran. and dont awncer the door even 4 the security that i said who is it they said its me like im going to open the door for an idiot like that and one of there workers so high she took the papers off my nebors door and said they were mine when i opend the door she walked right in all stoned for all she knew i could of been a rapist or any thing but im really not. i think they nned to crack down on their workers and get only one manager not 5. and if u have a problem with the managers they wont give u a nuber to the owner so you can break ur lease but hey they will be getting sued soon.
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Brandywood Apartments

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