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Capri on Camelback

5115 North 40th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85018



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/02/2007
When I first moved in to this place it was WONDERFUL until the new management came and ruined everything. Air conditioning was turned on when THEY felt it was too hot, and even at that my apartment was well into the 80's. I begged them to allow us to turn it on lower and sooner but all requests were ignored and I had to buy fans for the apartment. I was left a notice on my door stating that I could not have ANYTHING on my porch (all I had were nice flower pots and a chair and a little table) but the guy across from my apartment had junk stored up to the bottom of the upstairs neighbors balcony and they never said a word to him. My car got towed because I parked in their "prospective residents only" area ONLY because there was nowhere else to park in that place. My boyfriends new truck got vandalized the day after he purchased it, and that was in the underground "security patrolled" parking. The office was run by a bunch of twits with major attitude problems. The girls in the office treated me like I was a burden by just being there. I was so disgusted when I left that I didn't even stick around to get my $350.00 deposit back, I just left. Two years later I find out that they had reported me for some reason to a collection agency for $250.00! After repeated requests as to why I owed them money, I finally had to get a lawyer involved.<br><br>This place used to be a wonderful community until they remodeled it, jacked the prices up, and drove all the previous residents out with their horrible attitudes and business practices.<br><br>Oh and I almost forgot, if you don't mind the sound of grocery carts on the sidewalks NONSTOP, then you won't mind this place. I don't know what people were hauling around in these things at 10pm (maybe my boyfriends tailgate that got stolen off his new truck) but this was a constant source of irritation. Walk to your mailbox and there's a cart, walk out to the parking lot and cart, step out on to your porch, cart.<br><br>I did live there quite a while ago, but the only reason I write now is because 5 years after living there they blemished my credit and I STILL had to deal with these morons five years after I lived there! <br><br>If you value your sanity and your credit and your car, DON'T LIVE HERE!
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Capri on Camelback

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