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Capri on Camelback

5115 North 40th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85018



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rabbitXonXtoast • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
All I have to say, you get what you pay for. If you do not pay for heating and cooling then you should expect you won t be allowed to control the heating or cooling. AC roughly cost about $100 a month in the summer. You do not pay for the cooling, so what are you complaining about?<br><br>This fall I signed my contract for another year. I will admit there are a handful of things I am not happy about. Personally I rather place the money towards payments to a house. But I signed my contract for another year because the price is right for the location. Also I do not want to deal with the headache of moving till I relocate to another state again. <br><br>Most of the complaints about the people who live here is silly. If you do not want to live around low lives then you should see about moving into a house not an apartment. Also the complaints about the crowded pools is stupid, you live in an apartment not in your own private house. Again the complaints about hearing your neighbors, this is an apartment not a house. <br><br>I find the complaints about apartment noise odd. The walls are brick and cement, not paper thin. But I am one of the lucky ones that do not have their apartment located in the hallways. <br><br>Some tips about requesting an apartment here:<br>1. Ask for an apartment not located in the main hallway. (less noise pollution you wont have to deal with the awful stench coming from the trash shoot) <br>2. Fourth or third floor is best. (pest problems are most common on second and first floor)<br>3. Make sure your apartment is not located by the trash (pest problems become worse, I have friends who have experienced this)<br>4. Do not sign anything till you get to look over the apartment you will be living in. Every person I know who does not force this issue usually has the problems. I forced them to let me look over the apartment and because of this I was able to have them change the rugs and get some minor stuff done before I signed anything. <br>5. Don t move here if you do not want to deal with living in a community. <br><br>Over the year I have lived here I have seen this apartment complex clean up quiet a bit. The drug dealers who use to hang out at the pools have disappeared since new management has begun to change. There are less disruptions and the fire alarm does not go off any more (two months counting!). <br><br>There is still dog ---- on the grounds. This is not just coming from low life people, this is just inconsiderate people. <br><br>Some tips in not having your vehicle stolen or vandalized are the following:<br>1. Do not leave expensive items out in the open inside vehicle. <br>2. Do not park sports cars in parking lot. Why would someone have a sports car and live here anyways? Obviously some people do not have their priorities straight. <br>3. Park upfront. Not on the side, back or covered parking (this is where the theft happens). There are issues with the parking here too. Yes your vehicle will be dented; but this is not just tenets doing this. We have people from across the street parking here (we need someone to address this issue!) But I suggest People Park Up Front because it is open view to the public; no one is going to steal your vehicle there. Ask the police they will tell you side, back, covered, & roof parking is where most theft happens. <br><br>I am not a fan of the office staff. A handful of them lack customer service skills and simple communications skills. None of the staff communicates with each other so usually you have to tell various people on the staff what is going on. I usually write letters certified to catch their attention. This kind of contact scares the ---- out of them. I recommend more people mail letters in to the office certified. This gives you a paper trail of the issues. The previous staff would usually go running to headquarters over certified letters. They are scared they might get sued so everyone that needs some immediate changes should follow up with certified letters. <br><br><br>I have no clue about the new staff. So far they seem nice and not two face. I am trying to be positive about the change and hope there will be more improvements as the months go by. Only time will tell <br>
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Capri on Camelback

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