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rthomas78 • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
i lived at shadow mountain for one year (2006) it was actually my favorite place ive ever lived. thats not to say that everything is perfect. for me everything was acceptable but for some people i think that they might gripe more or be concerned with certain things. ill give you the breakdown of the goods and the bads....<br><br>GOOD- the apartment itself was very well laid out and a good size (i had a 1 bedroom)<br>-very light and bright because of high ceilings and skylights<br>-i experianced no crime against me or my property (i have lived in much "nicer" places ,the rent was higher and more ammenitys but i had my truck broken into and had trouble with neighbrs) here NO problem.there was some chaos going on for a while but non of it ever effected me (ill get into that in the cons section)<br>-managment is very reasonable just so long as you treat THEM with respect . if you go in there with an attitude unfortunatly they will not be very helpful.unproffesional yes but hey it wont kill you to be nice.<br>-parking is great, it is unassigned and in this place that owrks well, i always had a place near my apt.<br>-rent is still cheap (even though i think its up from what i used to pay)<br>-location is ok<br><br>BAD STUFF-<br>-id say MOST everyone there does NOT speak english, cultural differences can annoy some folks, i personally loved my neighbors,seem like hard working good peeps for the most part and mind there own business.<br>-not many amenitys<br>-the pools are not very clean and usually packed with people.<br>-the grounds are kept up moderatly, it is acceptable but could be better for sure.<br>-the apartments next door are full of cruds<br>-dumpsters are not emptied often enough or there isnt enough of them, always seems like there spilling over and smell bad (before i moved out it seemed like they had improved on this, i think they added an extra pickup per week so that may not be a problem anymore.<br>-sometimes a scummy person will move in BUT the managment is quick to get rid of them,if they commit even so much as a misdemenor crime while living on the premisis there gone .one neighbor did something to get the police called , he was taken downtown for the night and came home the next day to find an eviction notice on his door, bad for him good for anyone who is able to manage to stay out of jail because we dont have to live next to the guy,the managment gets a copy of any police report filed on the property and they have no problem at all with evicting problem people.<br><br><br>all in all i liked it here and i felt safe, i would reccomend it to anyone looking for a low cost apartment that ISNT a total trash hole,it really isnt bad at all and as i am looking for an apartment now again im consideering renting there again.<br>
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