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Diamonte on Bell



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/11/2001
When we first moved to Bell Lakes it was a nice complex. It was quiet, with nice landscaping, mostly retirees and professionals, lots of nice cars in the lot. <br> <br>About two years later they gated it. Many of the gates are broken and have not been repaired, and the ones that work merely back traffic up out on the street, causing a hazard for everyone. Meanwhile, anyone who wants to get in can just follow another car through, or walk through one of the broken side gates. <br> <br>Gates also don´t help when most of the vandals are inside them. About the same time they installed the gates, they went section 8. The complex is now populated mostly by welfare mothers and their undisciplined children and thug boyfriends. The maintenance people are reasonably responsive, but they´ve basically given up trying to replace or repair all the broken lights. <br> <br>Management seems to have given up too. They failed to give notice of several very important changes to our lease - most notably the addition of a separate utility bill - made several mistakes on the lease, and then failed to put the correct information into their billing computer. Each of these required another trip to the office to interact with people who were absolutely certain that they were right and we were wrong despite the fact that they had already made numerous mistakes.
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Diamonte on Bell

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