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Diamonte on Bell



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I've been rented from many many different apartment complexes in different states over the last 10 years. I know what apartment living is like, and I don't expect things to be perfect. But Bell Lakes is honestly disgusting. If you don't have to, do not move here.<br>We moved in in Oct 06, and like many other people I've now heard from, we were told they were under new mgmt and the apartments were all being redone, new appliances,new carpet. Great! We moved in. Old carpet. Old old old disgusting appliances, dishwasher and disposal don't work, 2 burners didn't work on the stove, the bottom shelf in the fridge falls down every time you open the drawer in the bottom. We've complained several times. First we were told we would be getting new appliances, just give them a couple weeks to get the order in. Then we were told "sorry, we're not replacing appliances in apartments, I'm not sure why you were told that when you toured the place." So to "make us feel better" the "manager" herself was going to come over at 1 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon and go over what needed fixing. Evidently fixing decrepit old appliances is supposed to make up for not having new ones like we were told. The manager showed up 4 hours late, looked around, and supposedly put in some work orders for the things not working. That was 4 weeks ago. I called the office a week ago, and big surprise, no work order had been put in. And they still haven't come to fix anything. <br>They advertise being a gated community, the gates have not worked ONE day since we moved in in October. But maintenance is working on it! Right.<br>Some stranger knocked on our door late one night, I didn't answer it. A few minutes later the police knocked on my door wondering if I had seen that guy. The police said he was looking to buy drugs, and if he came back could I give them a call? The druggie has been back since, knocking on our's and the neighbor's doors.<br>Every time I go into the office to pay rent, somebody is in there complaining about something, it's nothing but angry renters on the first of the month. This last time? Some guy said 2 people kicked down his door one night, but got scared off because his son was watching tv on the couch.<br>There are a million cats outside, which use the playground sand as their litterbox, so the whole place outside smells like.....well, a litterbox. Which I suppose mngmt can't help, but it still pisses me off.<br>I really didn't mean to write such a long review, but the more I think about it the more mad I get and the more I write! <br>So bottom line, they lie and make things sound good to get you to sign a lease(don't expect new appliances if that's what they tell you!), it's a creepy area, management is horrendously inefficient and unorganized, and maintenance usually takes weeks,sometimes months to get anything done.
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Diamonte on Bell

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